For the love of silver…for the love of life!!

Thing-a-Day 2010

I found out about Thing-a-Day last year and was just in time to register for it before it started on the 1st day of February.  (You can see my 2009 entries via the toolbar on the right.)  Basically, what it is, is a collective of creative people (about 600 of us last year – I think!) who are willing to have a go at posting one creative thing they do for each day of the month of February.  It doesn’t matter what your skills are or what level you are at…it is just to promote those great activities of ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ and then sharing your experience with everyone else.

Although, ideally, everybody should post something new each day – in reality, only a proportion actually manage that…but the secret is…if you stumble…just to pick yourself up and get right back into the game!

I found last year’s Thing-a-Day was so stimulating creatively and I loved every minute of it.  It is great to see what other people do as well, as that stimulates even more thoughts and approaches to life.

As I have been rather down in the dumps and uncreative for the past couple of months I have been really looking forward to Thing-a-Day 2010 (the 4th edition!) starting in February….but boy!…have I had some trouble registering!!!

The Thing-a-Day website is not working for me – so I Googled all sorts of TaD keywords to try to find some information on how to register for this year’s Thing-a-Day….until I finally gleaned this information:

  1. You have to create an account at …all free and relatively easy to do.
  2. Then you have to find a form to register with Thing-a-Day themselves, so they know you have set up an account at Posterous.  I finally found a form at  (New page as previous one has been deleted!!)
  3. There was no indication that I had succeeded in signing up, however, so I waited until the next day and went back to my Posterous account to ‘look around’.  Having found a search facility in the My Subscriptions section of the toolbar I put in ‘Thing-a Day’ and found them!  I subscribed to them and went to a page that had all the other people who had subscribed… 19 at that time!

A little later I went back onto that page and lo and behold…there I was…and there were now 34 members!!  So – I think I am registered and subscribed for Thing-a-Day 2010, 4th edition!

This morning…in my email ‘in’ box – I found a ‘welcome’ email…giving me instructions on how to register..which seemed a bit backwards to me!  …but still…  I’m in and looking forward to getting creative again!!

I thought I would blog this information above…just in case other people are having trouble finding a way into Thing-a-Day for this year…If I can help someone out…that will be just grand!!

Look forward to seeing lots of you ready for the creative sprint on the first of February!!

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