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My 21st post for Thing-a-Day 2013

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herb tags

Let me introduce you to my new range of embossed copper labels for my herb garden!  I found these blank copper labels in my local hardware store but instead of simply writing on them with a ball point pen I decided to go a bit upmarket and create a raised embossed name tag.

I found a nice font on the computer and made labels of the correct size but printed them out as a mirror image.  I could then cut these out and working from the back of the copper sheet, trace round the letters to create the embossed word.  The letters were sharpened by running the ballpoint pen nib around the embossed letters on the obverse side.

I think these will look great in my new garden – especially as the copper begins to oxidise and get a nice patina on them.

Loads more labels and herb varieties to go…


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Day 20 of Thing-a-Day 2013

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The Birthday Girl.

grace's cake

The final Peppa Pig cupcake display along with the giant cupcake.

grace's party

The party goers.

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Day 19 of Thing-a-Day 2013

Thing-a-Day Forever

peppa pig

My granddaughter loves Peppa Pig – amongst others – and so she is getting a Peppa themed cake for her second birthday.  For the first time, I am doing some cupcakes, with a giant cupcake as a top to the display.

I am going to do some simpler, more adult tops to some of the cupcakes for those of us of advanced years who cannot stomach the massive sugar hit that comes with a sugarpaste figure cupcake topper!!  But they will be done tomorrow as part of the final decorating push!!

So here is Peppa Pig…constructed from sugarpaste with CMC added to it to make it go really hard.  She will sit on top of the giant cupcake and is not designed to be eaten but taken home as a memento   Her little piglet friends on the other hand are just sugarpaste and will top some of the smaller cupcakes and will be…

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Great Expectations

Day 18 of Thing-a-Day 2013

Thing-a-Day Forever

giant cupcake

My granddaughter is two on Wednesday so I am starting to get the cake organised…or should I say cakes.  I am going to make cupcakes for individual consumption and top the arrangement with a giant cupcake.  I have seen the cake tins for these giant cupcakes before but as I generally sculpt my own cake shapes I have never really considered it before..but hey, why not have a go!

To be honest I have had two goes as I didn’t make enough cake mixture for it and ended up with more of a small pie shape on the first attempt.  So I finally have a reasonable shape and size for a giant cupcake…layered with buttercream and raspberry jam…wrapped up and waiting to be decorated tomorrow.  I hope it lives up to my expectations…















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Seed Filing System

Day 17 of Thing-a-Day 2013

Thing-a-Day Forever

seed file

As a ‘new’ gardener with some soil to grow in, I thought I would need to approach my plant growing with some organisation.  I am going to start a diary so that I know what days I sowed and harvested so that I know what to expect in the years to come.  For this year, I need to read the backs of the seed packs carefully and follow instruction so that I have a fair chance of having something to harvest!

I have a number of different varieties of seeds – for example, I have 6 different varieties of tomato seed – so I want to be able to compare and contrast the outcomes and the different techniques and conditions required to get the best crop.

So today I have designed a file folder which can be printed off in a lightweight card and folded so that it makes an…

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Sow and Sew

Day 16 of Thing-a-Day 2013

Thing-a-Day Forever


A beautiful day here today has meant the hours have been filled with work in the garden starting to prepare the seed trays for sowing.  Cleaning out and preparing the cold frame for being pressed into service protecting my new little seedlings in the weeks to come.  Planning out the layout for my new vegetable plot…..  And of course the usual Saturday activities of washing and cleaning and cooking.

I didn’t have much opportunity to take photos of anything – but the only thing that I have done today that is still here and photographable are two pairs of my son-in-law’s knee length jeans which I have patched….again….as he has worn them to death but he still loves to lounge about in them.  There is precious little solid fabric left to sew patches to as they are so worn and thin but I added 5 patches to them today!!

Not the…

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Yoshizawa’s Butterfly

Day 15. Thing-a-Day 2013

Thing-a-Day Forever


I am getting more and more into Origami thanks to this year’s Thing-a-Day.  It is so clever and effective…and easy to do in a few spare minutes.

It would seem that many of the origami designs that we can do today were designed by Mr Yoshizawa for whom this butterfly design is named.

So thank you, Mr Yoshizawa, for the pleasure you have given me and many others…and here is my butterfly!


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