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I talk to the trees……

…well, perhaps not quite!

I try, first thing every morning, to get out and have a brisk walk for about half an hour – even on a day like today when it was a bit chilly and drizzling – because nothing can beat that shot of beautiful fresh air before the rush hour traffic spoils it.  We have a park near to where we live and I tend to walk around the park, breathing deep of the air – lightly scented at this time of year with the flowers in the hedgerows and trees – and taking in the sounds of the birds and activity of the surrounding nature.  We are told that in order for walking to be beneficial, health wise, we need to make it brisk so I bound out of my front door and really go for it for the outward journey.  For the return journey I try to benefit my mind.  I have always had an issue with my confidence, and have recently been trying ‘self help’ strategies of self affirmations – which I really think are paying off!  So, as I slow my pace on the way home, I talk to myself and remind myself of what I am capable of and how I am confident in my abilities.  And yes, I do mean that I talk to myself – out loud!  (I always check that there is no one else within ear shot though!!!)

And, as if that is not bad enough,  I am also on the look out for inspirational stuff that might inform my jewellery designs.

Of course – there is the obvious stuff – which I am always drawn to…the lovely little flowers that are hidden away in our hedgerows…

…and I don’t feel too much of an idiot stopping to photograph these.  But it’s the other moments…the times when I notice soemthing as I am walking, and it takes me a while to process what I have seen, and appreciate the inspirational value of it… it is those times when I stop dead in my tracks, then walk back a few yards and invariably stare down at the pavement, or into the gutter…and then whip out my camera and photograph something that no-one else can see!!  It’s those times when I worry a bit what the people who are out and about in the early morning think of the crazy woman who talks to the trees and collects photographs of  asphalt!!

No – actually – I haven’t got an extensive photo library of road surfaces…although now I come to look at it… is rather interesting – especially when wet!!!

Well, now you can see what I was photographing this time…he was very small and really brightly coloured…and I so nearly passed him by!

And, one day, he might very well inspire me to a piece of beautiful jewellery in his honour!!

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