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Well…Stone Me!

Day 12

Up until yesterday I had no idea how effective carborundum stone could be!  …What a revelation!!

So today – with very little time to spare for Thing-a-Day – I thought I would take the opportunity to prepare some bits and pieces for activities that I can carry out when I have a bit more time.
I have been given some lampwork beads by a friend of mine who is equally keen as me on experimenting.  I have a small collection of different shaped beads all with a similar abstract look and colour that I want to ‘make into something’ one day!  One of the beads was a sort of cabouchon shape that had been made on the mandrel and I have been trying to decide how best to use it.  I finally came up with an idea this morning!
Part of the problem was that the bead was rather irregular – it had a rather rippled ‘flat’ back and rounded edges(above left photo), so although I was thinking of trying to put it in a bezel of some kind it would have been rather challenging.  With the use of the carborundum stone I have been able to neaten things up and has given me rather more scope!
I was finding the straightening of the sides of the bead a bit of a problem so I made myself a very useful tool …if you could call it that!!  The problem was that it was really hard to keep the bead at a 90 degree angle to the carborundum stone and I was just ending up with an odd angle (top right photo).  So I cut myself a tiny little block of wood which I could hold against the cabouchon bead to keep it in the correct position.  As you can see from the photo above – it did the job very well!!
Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best!!
Hopefully – I will be able to get a bit further on with this project tomorrow…although I have my grandson here all day so I might not get too much done.

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