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What a BEE…uty!!!

I had a day off today!  I couldn’t resist the lure of the beautiful sunshine any longer…it would have been a sin to confine myself to a windowless cupboard (where I do my precious metal clay work) or a damp and dim shed (where I make my chains).  So I took myself to Norton Priory (Museum and Gardens) our local visitor attraction.  (see my blogroll).  I have a season ticket,  so I often pop in – even if it is just for an hour – to walk in the lovely grounds, listen to the birds sing and the babbling of the little stream that runs through it….beautiful and relaxing.

I took my camera because there is often something of interest there which I could use as inspiration for a piece of jewellery.  Today was no exception and I took over 100 photos (as I keep saying…thank God for the digital camera!) There were lots of different types of daffodil and one beautiful pink spotted rhodedendron, a magnolia with its furry buds just beginning to pop and a deep red camelia flower that was right at the top of a huge tree and impossible to photograph!

But the best bit is what I have recorded here.  Just a few minutes before I reached the exit I spotted this HUGE bee lolling in the trumpet of a beautiful, perfect daffodil, situated at the top of a bank of grass so the flawless blue sky was the backdrop.  As I watched, the fat furry body began to edge its way out, gingerly shuffling  its spindly legs towards the edge of the trumpet…..

…its front legs then began to grope for the frilled edge….oh, it was obviously just SO drunk!!

It slowly began to haul itself up, over the frill and then drag its heavy body onto the top of the trumpet, where it sat…you could almost imagine it groaning…

…and began to groom the heavy dusting of pollen off of its body and legs.  It slowly rotated through 360 degrees, giving the impression of trying to get its bearings before staggering onto one of the outer petals, which had a convienient curl from which it launched itself heavily into the sky…

I had to laugh at its antics…I wonder what reception he got from Mrs Bee!!!…(if he ever found his way home!!)

By the way…many thanks to, who keep sending visitors  my way…if you haven’t visited them before go have a look!!  (see my blogroll)


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