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To Busy to be ‘Board’!

Day 18

With the grandchildren shortly to descend upon me for the evening, my youngest grandchild with me all day tomorrow and a Birthday cake to make for the week-end I am just too darned busy to get bored! And too busy to do anything glamorous for Thing-a-Day…

So today’s ‘thing’ will have to be my cake board adaptation which is necessary for the structure of the cake I’m making…all will become clear tomorrow or Saturday, depending on how long it takes me to decorate it! All I have done is cover a piece of cardboard with some silver ‘cakeboard’ paper and ‘hinge’ it to a standard rectangular that it creates a right angle. It will be used as the photo on the left with the narrower piece at the bottom.

Not exactly rocket science! But perfectly designed for its purpose!

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