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A Cat and Mouse Game.

And finally…  this is my third cake for the ‘longest weekend’!  My grandson – whose birthday it is today – had asked me to make a cake like the cartoon characters Tom and Jerry.  Now, I always have an issue with making cakes that look like something that every body knows..because everybody can then say, ‘That doesn’t look right!’.   So before you say it…I KNOW!!!!! Well this is my take on it…and this is the best you’re going to get out of me!!!

Making cakes like this is a game from beginning to end.  First you have to come up with a concept…then you have to work out how to create it….and then there is the nitty-gritty of actually putting the ideas into practice and hope that they work!

Minor points like how to make a ball shaped cake in the first place – and how to devise a way to stop the layers from slipping around on the jam and buttercream – and how to make it so that the children at the party don’t end up with a slice of cake that is 9 inches (23cm) tall!   And more technical consideration – like how to make really bizarre but specific coloured sugarpaste out of the dozen food colours I have in my kit!  Now I always fancied myself as a bit of a colour freak and loved mixing colours of watercolour or oil paint…but food colourings are a different beastie altogether!  …no pure pigments to work with here.  In this case ‘melon’ mixed with ‘grape violet’ and ‘ice blue’ make a fairly reasonable ‘Tom’ grey colour.  But then you have ‘Jerry’ colour to make, not to mention ‘inner ear pink’ and the myriad of other colours needed…sometimes in tiny amounts and sometimes in quantities large enough to roll out an 18 inch (45cm) circle.

So, yes… it is stressful.  But thankfully – the grandchildren are usually very happy to receive their yearly birthday creation – and generally consume it right down to the last crumb in very short order!!

(My daughter has just sent me this photograph – showing the demise of ‘Jerry’ and confirming that statement!!! 17/03/10)

As for me, now the last cake has been delivered, and devoured, I’m off to take a leaf out of  ‘Jerry’s’ book and put my feet up and chill for the rest of the afternoon, and enjoy the freedom of not having to think ‘CAKE’ again for a while.  The next round of birthdays are in May…

I might even get round to thinking about making jewellery again!


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