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My Party Piece!

Day 20

It has taken me a great deal longer than half an hour to finish Joshua’s Cake…and I’m sure I will still be fiddling with it right up until the time I have to deliver it…but there was no way I could fit in another creative enterprise while I had this on the go.

So here it is…designed to be free standing on the Birthday Party table but can be laid flat to cut. He looks his best when viewed at table level – which is just as well really as I am sure my harshest critics will be just about that height!! Not all the party goers will be the same age as Joshua – I am told that there will be children there right up to ten or eleven years old who I think might appreciate it a little more than Joshua will!!

I hope they enjoy it anyway!

This photo gives a rather better idea of how it looks as you can see that the bridge wall has some depth to it. The whole of this cake is edible…except for the cake board of course!! but everything else is either sponge cake or icing.

Job well done…time to put my feet up I think!!

Tunnel Vision!

Day 19

Following on from my ‘thing’ for yesterday – I am proceeding with the birthday cake I have to deliver tomorrow. Having my grandson here is proving to be a bit of a hindrance but I have made a start and I will just have to get up very early tomorrow morning to finish things off.

I am working from a picture from a colouring book page. It is based on a character from a children’s television programme currently popular here in the UK…Chuggington…and the character is called Brewster (although this picture has called him Bastian!)

Although I am making the cake based on a large rectangle, I am building a ‘Brewster’ face out of cake to feature on it. The photo on the right shows the cake base that I have carved out of a piece of madeira sponge cake and I will build up the character on this using sugarpaste icing.

I have spent much of today mixing the coloured pastes to create the appropriate colours needed for the decoration and working it into the sugarpaste icing. This is very time consuming but now it is done I can go ‘full steam ahead’ first thing tomorrow!!

I have also covered the main piece of cake in icing and started the decoration…and tried it for size on yesterday’s customised cakeboard…

I hope you can see what I am up to now…

I have put the first layer of blue icing onto Brewster as well, as this will keep the cake fresh and stop it from drying out over night…but I’m not showing that to you yet as it looks like some hideous blue monster at the moment!!!

Hopefully – I will be able to pull it all together for tomorrow! It is a bit of a risk posting this process on Thing-a-Day for all to see!!! I must be mad!!

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