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Clowning Around.

I visited Mr Tumble again today…and I hope you’ll agree he is looking a lot better than he did a few days ago!!  OK, so he’s missing a few body parts and his clothing but at least he doesn’t have a face that will scare the pants off you…and he is sporting some rather snazzy rainbow socks!!

He does look a bit sweaty too – but that will calm down a bit as he dries off.

I have tried a new technique for making his body as he is rather large – 15cm (6 inches) from base to hair – and would weigh quite a bit if made solely from sugarpaste.  So I have tried filling him out with a much lighter-weight, but still edible, material…marshmallows!

These can be cut to shape so that they nestle closely together and then can be bound into position by strips of rolled out sugarpaste.  When this all firms up it provides quite a good foundation for ‘dressing’ in appropriate clothing.

That could possibly be tomorrow’s ‘thing’ if nothing else presents itself before then!

The cake is due for delivery on Sunday so I still have plenty of time and I promise you will get to see it all when it is finished!

I Never Laugh at Clowns

I’ve really not had a whole lot to laugh about over the past couple of months what with one thing and another – but I’m beginning to get myself back to a happier place now.

My lovely son sent me this link this morning…and not only did I laugh myself stupid until only a really high pitched squeak would come out  (causing everyone else in the room to dissolve into various fits of giggles) – but I have found myself suddenly bursting out laughing during the day at the most inopportune moments as I think of it again!  Thank heaven I haven’t had to use a bus or train today!…it has been embarrassing enough bursting out laughing while walking down the street.

It has rather added to my reputation for being a bit of a loon!!  But I don’t care…it has really lifted my spirits….I hope it has the same effect on you!

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