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Lost in Cyberspace…

I HAVE been posting ‘things’ for Thing-a-Day …honestly!!… but I have been struggling so much trying to get to grips with a new set-up on Posterous that I just couldn’t face trying to transfer stuff onto here as well.  It is supposed to be set up so that it is easy to transfer posts between different blogs and things – but I’m afraid I can’t understand it!!

So – for the time being I will post links to the things I have posted on Posterous so far…

Just to start you off…here is a picture…  but what is it a photograph of????  I’ll keep everyone guessing until tomorrow!!

Day 1 – First Day – First Gear

Day 2 – I’ve Got the Bottle!!

Day 3 – Hubble, Bubble – From start to Finish

Day 4 – Fragile and Delicate

Day 5 – Much Ado About…?

My ‘things’ have been rather varied so far this year…but I should get round to doing a bit more silver work as the month goes on… It is just too darned cold to do too much work in my ‘Studio’ shed at the moment…It is so much warmer doing cooking!!!

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