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Flowers for My Girl

Well, there has not been a lot of jewellery made for the last few days.

My daughter is graduating from her college on Thursday – having gained distinctions in practically everything she has done over the past 2 years – and she is now a fully trained and very competent Holistic Therapist.  Anyway, she wanted a dress to wear for the college “Leavers’ Ball”, and as she couldn’t afford to buy one she asked me if I would make something for her.  Now I have done a dressmaking course and have a qualification in Fashion Design but I tend towards the more ‘theatrical’ designs and I am not necessarily that happy following a conventional pattern design – however, I am fairly happy with what I have made for her.  It is really hard to photograph without a body in it but you might get the idea from this photo!  It is a one shoulder design with a ‘fishtail’ over skirt which falls to one side and is made from a lightweight black crepe fabric.

I couldn’t resist adding a bit of a extra decoration to break up the shoulder-to-hem blackness of the fabric…so I made a bunch of organza roses and sewed a broach pin onto it so she can pin it where she likes.  They are really quite easy and satisfying to make because they don’t take very long put together and the effect is quite stunning!  Again, they are really hard to photograph because the fabric has quite a sparkle to it and reflects the flash back in all sorts of odd ways!

But I am quite pleased with the fruits of my labour….and I am sure I can put together some silver jewellery to go with it!!

I hope she has a wonderful day.  She is a very clever girl…as a mother of 2 little ones it has not been easy for her to fit in a full time college course – but she has done it and excelled!!

We are so very proud of her!!.

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