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Just-a-Minute Flowers

Day 23

In the space of 24 hours I have received requests for a cake for Mother’s Day and an order for a wedding cake…both of which will require some sugarpaste flowers. As it is spring time – well, almost! – I am looking at doing a little arrangement in ‘spring coloured’ flowers for the Mother’s Day cake. In my mind that conjures up the colours of snow drops, crocuses and daffodils. As for the wedding cake, I am awaiting confirmation of colours but I will need certain ‘filler’ type flowers for the arrangements. So today – and probably for the next couple of days – I will be making some flowers for Thing-a-Day.

Whenever I make sugarpaste flowers I always make some extra to requirements because they are rather fragile and accidents do happen – so I like to have some spare to replace any damaged ones. This means that I have a random collection of odd colours and shapes of flowers in storage – and as they pretty much last for ever if kept in dry conditions I can look at examples of most colour combination to help me plan arrangements.

The photo on the left is a selection of colour samples and varieties of ‘spring like’ flowers that I am thinking of making up in the next few days. But today I am making a batch of my ‘just-a-minute’ filler flowers which are pretty much just that! They are the easiest of flowers to make and take less than a minute for me to make each one, and being white and fairly small, they fit into any arrangement, filling up little gaps and adding a little lift to the colours of the rest of the arrangement. Practically all of my floral arrangements contain some of these and, as it can sometimes be a few months between orders for floral decorations, it is a nice way to get me back into the swing of flower making!

On the right of the photo I have shown a step by step guide to making these flowers.
1. Pinch off a small piece of flower paste and roll into a ball.
2. Roll slightly off centre to create a teardrop shape.
3 Using an appropriate tool, push the point into the fat end of the teardrop and rotate it make a little cup shape.
4. Using a fine pair of scissors cut 5 incisions into the edge of the cup shape.
5. Pinch each ‘petal’ between index finger and thumb an rub gently as though spreading the edge of the petal across the edge of your index finger. This lengthens and thins out the petals.
6. Insert a piece of florists wire into the throat of the flower and push it through until the end of the wire nestles just beneath the petals. Gently roll the base of the flower between index finger and thumb to ensure there is good contact between the flower and the wire.

Then leave them to dry! When they are dry and securely stuck to the wire I usually cover the wire in florists tape which I take up over the back of the flower to make a rudimentary calyx, and I will dust a little fresh green petal dust into the heart of the flower. Then it is ready!!

Hmmmm….which ones should I make tomorrow??

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