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Getting a Grip

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have had to delay the date that I officially start my new business – Solunar Silver Studio – until the first of July.  This has given me time to get to grips with building a website and doing all the other advertising paraphernalia that I feel I will need to get a good launch.  I was hoping to be able to pass this responsibility over to someone who has more IT skills than I will ever have but that has never quite happened and so I have been working at it …a little bit here…and a little bit there…   I am slowly getting the idea…and today I finally worked out how to get my Solunar Silver Studio logo incorporated into a repeat design that I could use as a wallpaper for my website!  I am inordinately pleased with myself!!  The image above is an enlarged section – just to give you an idea…and a preview…because, of course, you will all come visit my website when I get it going… won’t you!!!

I still have a way to go yet but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – and believe me – it has been a long time coming!

I have also had the time to build up quite a stock in decorative silver chains (mainly bracelets) which is my main interest and delight when it comes to making fine (pure) silver jewellery.  This is just a small section (about a third) of the chains I am about to send off to the Edinburgh Assay Office to get my personal hallmark applied to the little heart shaped tags I attach to  all of my handmade chains.

So – I think I can be forgiven for leaving a bit of a gap between this and my previous post…and anyway – people seemed to be interested in my ‘Rose Nose’ post as there has been a pretty constant number of visitors each day over the past week.  And, for the record…for anyone wanting to know how the  hay fever remedy is working – I have had a couple of days when I was wondering if the effect was wearing off as my nose was itching (but not intolerably) and needed blowing a few times but that was when the pollen count was really high.  I have not yet had to resort to any other type of medicine to control the symptoms – I have just continued to use the device as indicated and I have been fine.  I’m still reluctant to say it is ‘cured’ but I am having a much more comfortable summer that I usually do!

Well, I must get back to doing a bit more on my website building.  I’ll let you know when I ‘open the doors’ to Solunar Silver Studio’s on-line presence and look forward to getting some feedback from you all!

…well – that’s another story…

All 3 of my grandchildren have their birthday between 16th March and 12th May….that makes for a tough time for me as I have always made cakes for them – and as they get older they seem to like more and more complicated things.  My youngest grandchild has a passion for Toy Story at the moment.  I did ‘toy’ :0) with the idea of making a ‘Buzz’ cake but when I actually looked at how he was put together I changed my mind!

Having made a Sleeping Beauty bed for my granddaughter at the beginning of May I decided to stick with the bed theme and do Andy’s bed and a handful of the toys for my grandson…… Simple…… Ha!

As with Sleeping Beauty – the bed making was fine.  Andy’s bed has a wooden head and foot with ‘turned’ spindles…a bit of a challenge…but I overcame this by taping bundles of cocktail sticks together and rolling sugarpaste around them for the posts and rolling sugarpaste around individual cocktail sticks for the spindles.  The large areas of the ‘woodwork’ were simply cut from thick sheets of sugarpaste.  The spindles were inserted and the posts attached then all the whole lot was left to dry and harden for 4 days.

The ‘mattress’ was made from madeira cake (with home made blackberry jam and buttercream), covered with a thin layer of sugarpaste to represent sheets and pillowcase.  The patchwork ‘quilt’ was just 1inch squares of alternate coloured sugarpaste.  So that bit was fine…

…it was the characters that I really struggled with.  Each part of each character had to be allowed to dry before I could add the next bit.  I started making Woody on Saturday morning and finally added the finishing touches to him this afternoon (Monday)!  It has probably been the longest cake making ‘marathon’ I have ever done!

As always – the faces are just a little bit ‘off’…it’s a bit like Toy Story from a parallel universe! – but as he is only 3 I don’t suppose it will spoil his day!

I will deliver the cake to his mum in the morning when he is in Nursery so it will be there for him when he gets back at lunchtime.

So you have been given a sneak preview of his special 3rd birthday cake….Shhhhhhhhhhh…don’t spoil the surprise!!

Good Job!!!

I had a job interview yesterday…

It seemed like as good a time as any to make use of my new chrysocolla stones which I showed you last week – particularly as chrysocolla is supposed to have properties which help the throat chakra and therefore are good for public speaking and are overall good for keeping a calm and serene countenance!!

Using my handmade fine twist pure silver chain I added some of my newly made pure silver coated ceramic beads (which I made last week) to give a bit of a build up to the stunning chrysocolla teardrop focal bead which I used as the pendant.

I made a pair of very simple earrings with the small rectangle chrysocolla beads and a couple of small pure silver coated ceramic beads.  They have a lovely weight to them which served to remind me every time I moved my head that I was wearing these eye-catching stones!!

I love them and was really proud to wear them.

It was a panel type interview – which was a bit daunting – but I felt very positive and happy with the way I performed…

OK – so I didn’t get the job…

…but I did get complimented on my jewellery!!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .  R     E     S     U     L     T  ! ! ! ! !

Every cloud has a silver lining so they say – and not getting this job means that I can spend all those extra hours that I would have been working for someone else working on making my jewellery at Solunar Silver Studio!!  So I’m still smiling!

I haven’t mentioned in my blog lately so there are loads of people who might have missed out on my recent jewellery experiments!!

Hopefully you will enjoy seeing the jewellery that I have just made….let me know!!

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