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Flowers for My Girl

Well, there has not been a lot of jewellery made for the last few days.

My daughter is graduating from her college on Thursday – having gained distinctions in practically everything she has done over the past 2 years – and she is now a fully trained and very competent Holistic Therapist.  Anyway, she wanted a dress to wear for the college “Leavers’ Ball”, and as she couldn’t afford to buy one she asked me if I would make something for her.  Now I have done a dressmaking course and have a qualification in Fashion Design but I tend towards the more ‘theatrical’ designs and I am not necessarily that happy following a conventional pattern design – however, I am fairly happy with what I have made for her.  It is really hard to photograph without a body in it but you might get the idea from this photo!  It is a one shoulder design with a ‘fishtail’ over skirt which falls to one side and is made from a lightweight black crepe fabric.

I couldn’t resist adding a bit of a extra decoration to break up the shoulder-to-hem blackness of the fabric…so I made a bunch of organza roses and sewed a broach pin onto it so she can pin it where she likes.  They are really quite easy and satisfying to make because they don’t take very long put together and the effect is quite stunning!  Again, they are really hard to photograph because the fabric has quite a sparkle to it and reflects the flash back in all sorts of odd ways!

But I am quite pleased with the fruits of my labour….and I am sure I can put together some silver jewellery to go with it!!

I hope she has a wonderful day.  She is a very clever girl…as a mother of 2 little ones it has not been easy for her to fit in a full time college course – but she has done it and excelled!!

We are so very proud of her!!.

Hot Stones!!!

In the last week I have discovered that I am getting old…  On the 6th of April I started a DIY project that I expected to get finished by Easter – OK, it was a bit of an ambitious plan to totally rearrange my son’s bedroom – with old furniture shipped out and new ‘minimalist’ self assembly furniture shipped in;  and turning a large cupboard into a dedicated PMC (precious metal clay) workroom and storage area for me – but I felt sure it was ‘doable’!!  Sixteen days on and the project is still going …my body isn’t!!  Talk about aches and pains!!  I am definitely on the home run now, so it’s not so bad….I have to admit though, there were times of complete panic when I thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew.  I’m sure I will be really pleased when it is all up and running….

So with aches and pains and knotted muscles I had a treat at the hands of my lovely daughter.  She is a Holistic Therapist, and treated me to a ‘Hot Stones’ Massage.  Oh joy!  OH BLISS!!

It is a bit bizarre going into a holistic therapy salon where the ambiance is calm and the background music serene to see they have a slow cooker on the boil and the therapist is clad in a blue rubber glove!  The ‘crock pot’ is warming up large, smooth basalt stones in water ( which is the reason for the elegant rubber glove!!).  When these were at the appropriate temperature they were placed at strategic points on my towel draped, prone body – a bit of a weird feeling but pleasant nevertheless.  Small, warm stones were inserted between my toes – really weird and rather ticklish but still OK and then the massage began with my daughter (the therapist) massaging my knotted arms, legs and back with the warm stones covered in a lovely smelling essential oil mix.  Indescribable!! …but just so good!!…and I have to say that I feel wonderful now!!  OK, I don’t feel 10 years younger…but I feel pretty darn good for the age I am!! …and all my aches and pains have been ‘ironed’ away.  Fantastic!!

So, my workroom nearly finished, I should be able to get back to doing some jewellery work in the very near future – and I have bought some semi precious stones, that I just love, which I am really keen to design  some jewellery around.

This is a chrysocolla stone.  I’ve tried to do it justice but I just can’t get the colours right.  It has a beautiful mix of turquoise and green colours along with deep black/brown markings.  So, for the light blue bits read ‘turquoise’ and the green bits read ‘malachite’ green.  I have bought 2 sizes of rectangle and one size of teardrop – all big enough to use as ‘focal’ stones….and the colours go so beautifully with silver!!

So, all the time I am hard at work rebuilding my house(!!) I am thinking and planning just what I can do with these lovely stones.  I can’t wait!!

Apart from being totally beautiful to look at chrysocolla stones are said to have a variety of healing and metaphysical properties attributed to them, for example:-

Chrysocolla is generally associated with peace and tranquility, as well as intuition, patience and unconditional love.  It is often thought to offer gentle and soothing qualities, it is believed to be a powerful source of life-force energy, as well as a stone for feminine empowerment; helping to build feminine energies and calm emotions.  (  Chrysocolla  promotes level headedness and clear thinking. Often used by public speakers to decrease nervousness.  Helps with infections, fever, and cramps.  Chrysocolla can lower blood pressure and detoxify the liver.   Helps with ulcers and arthritis.  (Read more about chrysocolla at;

So that is 2 kinds of really ‘HOT’ stones that have entered and enriched my life this week…and hopefully will remain part of my life from now on!!

I know it has been a long time since my last post so I hope my visitors are still viewing!!

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