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I Never Laugh at Clowns

I’ve really not had a whole lot to laugh about over the past couple of months what with one thing and another – but I’m beginning to get myself back to a happier place now.

My lovely son sent me this link this morning…and not only did I laugh myself stupid until only a really high pitched squeak would come out  (causing everyone else in the room to dissolve into various fits of giggles) – but I have found myself suddenly bursting out laughing during the day at the most inopportune moments as I think of it again!  Thank heaven I haven’t had to use a bus or train today!…it has been embarrassing enough bursting out laughing while walking down the street.

It has rather added to my reputation for being a bit of a loon!!  But I don’t care…it has really lifted my spirits….I hope it has the same effect on you!

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