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My Heart is Full of Love…(and Chocolates!)

I have had enormous fun today…making chocolates using my new toy (see the photograph below).  It is a really neat little kit containing a little thermostatically controlled heating unit with its own little saucepan, forks and spatulas for dipping the chocolates, a wire rack to allow the excess chocolate to drip off and a number of moulds.

For these chocolates I have used the ‘cake balls’ I mentioned in yesterday’s post but I have hidden in the centre of each one a lovely rich gooey blob of dark chocolate ganache to make them super chocolatey and moist.  I then pushed them into some oval and some heart shaped silicone chocolate moulds to get a neat shape, then used my new toy to melt and temper some milk chocolate to coat them.  After they had set I started to decorate them…again using my new toy to melt the white chocolate as shown below….

…and some tiny sugarpaste flowers to coordinate with the floral decoration of the cake ‘box’.

I have never done anything in the chocolate/candy making line before and I am really rather pleased with the result…although they are a little ‘rustic’ in places so my technique definitely needs refining a bit!!  But I think this little Valentine gift will hit the spot and gain my son a few ‘Brownie points’!!

And it has really made me smile making it

…(plus, I have eaten all the rejects!!!…..I won’t tell anybody if you don’t!!)


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