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Good Job!!!

I had a job interview yesterday…

It seemed like as good a time as any to make use of my new chrysocolla stones which I showed you last week – particularly as chrysocolla is supposed to have properties which help the throat chakra and therefore are good for public speaking and are overall good for keeping a calm and serene countenance!!

Using my handmade fine twist pure silver chain I added some of my newly made pure silver coated ceramic beads (which I made last week) to give a bit of a build up to the stunning chrysocolla teardrop focal bead which I used as the pendant.

I made a pair of very simple earrings with the small rectangle chrysocolla beads and a couple of small pure silver coated ceramic beads.  They have a lovely weight to them which served to remind me every time I moved my head that I was wearing these eye-catching stones!!

I love them and was really proud to wear them.

It was a panel type interview – which was a bit daunting – but I felt very positive and happy with the way I performed…

OK – so I didn’t get the job…

…but I did get complimented on my jewellery!!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .  R     E     S     U     L     T  ! ! ! ! !

Every cloud has a silver lining so they say – and not getting this job means that I can spend all those extra hours that I would have been working for someone else working on making my jewellery at Solunar Silver Studio!!  So I’m still smiling!

I haven’t mentioned in my blog lately so there are loads of people who might have missed out on my recent jewellery experiments!!

Hopefully you will enjoy seeing the jewellery that I have just made….let me know!!


Back to the Jewellery Making…..

Just a quick post to give you an update to what I did with that little pmc (precious metal clay) pendant I showed you on the 12th March…not that it was exactly challenging but I had to decide which way round to hang it!….tough one eh??!!

Anyway, I went with the predictable and hung it with the ‘weight’ of the design at the bottom and added a little swarovski 6mm bicone bead as a ‘dangly’.   It made me think of a little bunch of flowers in a pot!  Ok, I know…a bit of a stretch of the imagination  but still….!  I think it is rather cute and the swarovski crystal adds a nice bit of twinkle.  In fact, I think I will make another one of these and make them into earrings to get the full sparkle effect from the crystal bead.

I really am very into these little silver flowers and I am enjoying making different designs with them.  I think they have all been quite successful so far and I have every intention of developing them into saleable items in the near future.  Keep in touch and I will let you know when I go ‘into production’ with this range…

Just as a ‘by the way’ – I noticed that someone had been referred to my blog by – not knowing what this was I’ve just had a quick look…and it looks rather good!  If you like looking at blogs and you have a few spare moments while you are sipping that coffee…have a quick look!!

Flower Madness!!

I did say that I would probably only get round to adding post every couple of days – and that is the plan…it’s just that I’m having a bit of a creative ‘splurge’ at the moment and I can’t wait to do a bit of showing off!!  That is what comes from living in a house full of men – I get no feedback!!!  I need feedback!!  I crave feedback!!  I really miss that about not going to college anymore..there was always someone – in fact, loads of people, who were only too pleased to give their ‘two penny worth’, but working alone, surrounded by ‘philistines’ (I do love them dearly and they can’t really help it!!), I never get any praise or constructive criticism!!

Anyway – back to what I have done!  I’ve still got this ‘thing’ going with the little flowers…can’t get enough of them!!  Sorry if you are bored with them already ‘cos I’m not!!  I think there is loads of potential and I plan to make loads of ‘summery’ jewellery with them!!

I bought a bag of old, little metal buttons from a Charity Shop last week…it set me back 59p (I’ve no idea of the exchange rate now but I guess that is around a dollar).  There are 52 buttons and they are mostly round and a lot of them have nice little borders – ropes, braids, greek keys,loops, that sort of thing.  I like to take moulds from them and then selectively isolate the border so that I can use it with pmc (precious metal clay).  Well, 2 of the buttons are square, which immediately drew my attention, and one of them had this neat, lightly hammered sort of border, which was otherwise very plain and simple.  So this is the basis of my new ‘range’ of ideas.

Obviously – a square is a very verasatile shape which is easy to link with other sqares to develop designs for bracelets and necklaces, but is also great for creating a framework for pendant designs which will work as earrings, or hung from a chain.

I made up these earrings as I couldn’t wait to wear them!! – they are jiggling about in my ears as I type!!  The other little pendant is a work in progress as I have fused a ring into the top and bottom corners, which I intend to use to hang it from a chain and also to wire wrap something dangly from the bottom.  I can’t make up my mind which way round to hang it yet so I might wait a couple of days before I make a decision!! – you can’t rush these things you know!!

I have an urge to make a bracelet with the same design as the earrings but I am running out of pmc so I might have to leave it until I can afford to buy some more – I’ll have to work out how much it will take before I take the plunge.  I couldn’t bear it to have it half done and then have to wait until I buy some more pmc so that I can finish it!!

So, that’s it for now – not sure if I’ll post tomorrow…you’ll have to have a quick look won’t you!!!

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