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Cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes…..

Well I am sorry that I have not posted for a while but I have not been idle…just short of the time to write about it all.  I think my best bet for now is to post it on here in one big splurge!  All I can see on the horizon for now is just more cakes!!!  …not that I’m complaining! …just a bit surprised by the power of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations!  Sadly it means that my jewellery making, designing and experimenting has gone out of the window for a while but …that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

So here is evidence of my ongoing sugar flower production line for a wedding cake in June…nearly finished now!  I still have the rose leaves to wire together and the actual bouquet arrangements to do but I can see the end in sight now!  30 roses of various size, 60 white filler flowers, over 100 ivy leaves and 60 or so rose leaves!!  Quite a marathon…

But then I had to interrupt things to make a ‘Minnie Mouse’ inspired cake and cupcakes for a little girl called Amelia…who was 4.  Her Mum sent me a photo of a cake she wanted but as I don’t copy things I had to put my own interpretation onto it.  Her Mum seemed to be quite happy with the result though.  I had not done cupcakes for anyone before so there was a bit of frenzied experimentation and research for the best cupcake and topping recipes ever!  Eventually I was happy with what I created…but individual members of my immediate family put on about 2 stone in weight as a consequence of my quest!!  So, here is the cake and a few of the cupcakes…

Then my granddaughter was 7 last week and wanted Peppa Pig as a ‘Fairy Princess’ for her party table centrepiece!  Sometimes the easiest things present a challenge! Obviously her delicate little toesies would be unable to carry her enormous weight so she had to be sitting down…but even so, when you have a head which is almost the same size as your body you are bound to encounter problems with gravity!!  This was one top heavy cake! … as my daughter discovered when she decided to cut into it without beheadding the ‘cute little piggy’ in front of a group of soft hearted young ladies!  Taking a couple of ‘rashers’ from the hind quaters poor little piggy decided to do a nosedive instead!!  But here she is as delivered to the birthday girl…

There are still cakes on order up until the middle of June…  But I will try to keep up with a few more posts on here before then!


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