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Now is the Time to Say Goodbye!

Thing-a-Day. Last Day. Day 28

So that is it for another year….personally, my second year of participating in Thing-a-Day. I can proudly say that I have posted the full 28 ‘things’, on time, for both 2009 and 2010. It isn’t easy but it is well worth the effort for the feeling of satisfaction and achievement at the end of the month. February is always a really dull and drab month for those of us who suffer winter weather around this time and having this challenge helps to focus the attention on being upbeat and creative!

Personally, I didn’t manage to do everything I had in my mind to do, but there is no rule that says I can’t go on in the same creative spirit for the next 365 days! …Having said that, don’t go looking at my blog every day expecting there to be something new!! My ancient frame can’t keep up that sort of pace!! However, as usual, there has been a great deal of inspiring creative art of all kinds by all the contributors to Thing-a-Day which will keep me buzzing for a while yet! I would particularly like to thank Isolde for her ‘zentangle‘ on the 26th which introduced me to a new art form that I had never heard of before – and which inspired my final ‘thing’ for Thing-a-Day 2010. It is a great way to loosen up and get into a creative frame of mind and is a totally stress free and relaxing activity as there is no such thing as ‘doing it wrong’! Feeling stressed??? Pop on a bit of relaxing music and get doodling!! I think there are recommended pens for zentangling and, as I only had a fairly thick one to hand, my first attempt above is a bit chunky! but I think I will invest in something a bit more sophisticated and put a bit of time and effort into developing this art!

One thing that springs to mind is combining this with the making of photopolymer plates – which was something I was going to do during this year’s TaD but it never quite got off the ground – perhaps that was a touch of serendipity, for now I have a potential endless source of design ideas to try it out with!! That will definitely be reported on in my blog over the next few weeks!! And who knows – it might even end up as a complete new range of silver jewellery!! What fun!!!

So I shall be sad to see the end of TaD 2010 – but hey!…it is only 365 days to go until Thing-a-Day 2011!! So bye-bye all thing-a-dayers! Keep busy and happy – and see you all again next year!

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Day 17

All through 2009 I kept putting projects to one side saying to myself…”I’ll save that until February…”. Thing-a-Day is my excuse for spending time ‘messing about’ and doing things that I normally can’t find time for.

This is one of those things! Some months ago I bought some photopolymer plates with the intention of using them to make my own stamps for Precious Metal Clay (PMC). I had found a website by Maggie Bergman that had a fantastic tutorial on how to make stamps with your own images from photopolymer plates and was determined to have a go. But – as often happens – other things get in the way and my box of PPPs is still unopened. One of the things that has delayed my starting on this venture was the fact that I had to make myself a clamp to hold the plate and my image tightly together while the UV light does its work to cure the polymer and develop the design…a simple enough task, but a big enough obstacle to prevent a impulsive foray into this new activity!

So…that is what I have spent my half an hour or so doing this afternoon.

Taking 2 small photo frames apart I have got the glass which was needed for the main part of the clamp (These image-pac sachets require a clamp with both sides clear to let the light through). I had to create a little gap between the two plates of glass so that the photopolymer sachet could be squeezed to an even thickness when the clamp was used – so I used some little strips of neoprene on both of the plates of glass. On the reverse side of the glass I stuck little neodymium magnets that were part of a (now defunct) Christmas present that my son had been given and bound everything down with some electricians tape – which also made the sharp glass edges safe. Those neodymium magnets are vicious little beasties – which is why I have used them on the outside of the clamp and not the inside. The attraction is so violent that I feared for the safely of the glass if they were allowed to snap together in direct contact with each other. This way I get enough pull for everything to stay together! Then finally I have put a bulldog clip onto the end of my clamp to ensure everything stays together – and also acts as a handle to help me position the clamp into the UV tunnel.

E voila!! One clamp! Money spent on project….a big, fat zero!! Just how I like it!! And as a bonus, I get a great photo to put at the top of my write-up! Yep! A good day!!!

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