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Pipe Dreams…

Can you guess what it is yet??

I have just made a start on the next cake that I have to make this week.  This one is due for delivery on the 12th and it is for my grandson’s birthday…. and it is being made to reflect one of his passions!!

I have started with this sugarpaste piece as it needs to be given a chance to dry into a good firm base for the main part of the decoration.  It will go on top of the cake that I am making and there will be a lot of decoration going on around the edge of the cake as well.  Or, at least, that is the plan!  As I start I wonder if the vision I have in my mind for the final look of the cake is just a ‘pipe dream’.

Still..I must have faith in myself!  I will start in earnest bright and early tomorrow….and hopefully I will have a bit more to show you later on tomorrow.

Until then…have a guess…  What do you think the theme of this cake is going to be???


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