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Er…Something’s Missing…

The last few days have been very taxing on the old grey matter.  I have been trying to work out how to create the 21st birthday cake I have been asked to make.  I’ve done loads of research so that I know what it is I have to make and I have been making the bits and pieces to try and give it the ‘WOW!’ factor…

Can you guess what it is yet??!!!

I have been using sugar paste for most of this and have added CMC (a food additive that gives it greater strength) so that I can build structures with it.  The only problem with this sort of thing is that you have to wait for one part to dry and harden (usually overnight) before you can add other bits to it, so it takes ages to get the whole thing made.  I have used black sugar flower paste for the ‘head-shell’  (see, I’ve learnt all the techno jargon!!) to make it lighter and stronger and so that I could get more detail into it without it breaking.

I hope you can see now what it is I have been making!  I have arranged everything I have made onto the back of the cakeboard to see how it will fit.  I still have to make the pitch control for the slider knob to go on and put a label on the record but otherwise I think I have got it all done!

Oh!  ….er…yes! ….I nearly forgot!  I’ve still got the cake to do!!

This cake has to be delivered on Monday 15th – so I shall be getting the cake done over the week-end, by which time all this ‘furniture’ should have hardened enough to be put in place without fear of it collapsing!  I really am very pleased how it has turned out so far and as this is the hardest part of the decoration the rest of it should be fairly easy… (famous last words!!).

Check back next week if you want to see the finished item!!

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