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A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Day 17

All through 2009 I kept putting projects to one side saying to myself…”I’ll save that until February…”. Thing-a-Day is my excuse for spending time ‘messing about’ and doing things that I normally can’t find time for.

This is one of those things! Some months ago I bought some photopolymer plates with the intention of using them to make my own stamps for Precious Metal Clay (PMC). I had found a website by Maggie Bergman that had a fantastic tutorial on how to make stamps with your own images from photopolymer plates and was determined to have a go. But – as often happens – other things get in the way and my box of PPPs is still unopened. One of the things that has delayed my starting on this venture was the fact that I had to make myself a clamp to hold the plate and my image tightly together while the UV light does its work to cure the polymer and develop the design…a simple enough task, but a big enough obstacle to prevent a impulsive foray into this new activity!

So…that is what I have spent my half an hour or so doing this afternoon.

Taking 2 small photo frames apart I have got the glass which was needed for the main part of the clamp (These image-pac sachets require a clamp with both sides clear to let the light through). I had to create a little gap between the two plates of glass so that the photopolymer sachet could be squeezed to an even thickness when the clamp was used – so I used some little strips of neoprene on both of the plates of glass. On the reverse side of the glass I stuck little neodymium magnets that were part of a (now defunct) Christmas present that my son had been given and bound everything down with some electricians tape – which also made the sharp glass edges safe. Those neodymium magnets are vicious little beasties – which is why I have used them on the outside of the clamp and not the inside. The attraction is so violent that I feared for the safely of the glass if they were allowed to snap together in direct contact with each other. This way I get enough pull for everything to stay together! Then finally I have put a bulldog clip onto the end of my clamp to ensure everything stays together – and also acts as a handle to help me position the clamp into the UV tunnel.

E voila!! One clamp! Money spent on project….a big, fat zero!! Just how I like it!! And as a bonus, I get a great photo to put at the top of my write-up! Yep! A good day!!!

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