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Just For the Record…

..and what did you do for Mothers Day????

Some women get a lie in…some get treated like a queen…some get wined and dined…  I get to make a DJ Deck 21st birthday cake!

Thankfully I had planned it all out before hand and had made most of the bits and pieces to create the deck over the past week – so all I had to do was ice the cake itself and attach the finished deck ‘furniture’.  The cake is just white iced with sugarpaste…and I ‘cheated’ a bit by putting a wide black satin ribbon around the sides to make it look like it was a black unit with a white top.

Technically – the whole thing is edible, although some of the pieces are made using CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose) reinforced sugarpaste and so are fairly stiff to eat, and the record…which is removable from the turntable so that it can be kept as a momento if wanted…is made from black sugar flower paste which is as hard as eggshells, so you would have to be really hungry to want to eat it!

It has been a challenge … and fun to do because of that … but I am glad it is done.  And now I have photographed it from all angles – just for the record –  I shall be happy to pass it over to the ‘birthday boy’ tomorrow.

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