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Making Faces

It has been a hard year and one that I won’t mind seeing the end of….and my last cake for the year has been hard to create too – mainly down to the fact that I am totally exhausted mentally and emotionally which inevitably means creatively too.

The cake I made was a style of cake that has become quite popular and this is now my third version of it…this time for Lyndon who is now 18.  Each time I create a’ footie fan’ cake I am asked to do characters to represent some of the recipients favourite players in their team so this means that the decoration changes each time – even though the cakes I have made so far have all been for Everton football fans.

I try to obtain recent photos of the players from the internet and then make little characature style sketches of them – highlighting their most notable features.  I then try to carry this over into sugarpaste.

…hopefully ending up with a vaguely recognisable character in a very cartoon like style!

So far I seem to have pleased people without causing offence so I am happy!

Well – I have just delivered the cake and I have to admit I was glad to see it go.  I now have a few days to myself, to relax and try to regain some inner calm and hopefully get to a place where I can welcome the new year in with peace and positivity in my heart.

May I wish you all too a peaceful and positive new year…

A Real Pair of Characters!

I had a request – at fairly short notice – to make a cake for a set of twins who had chalked up 40 years of age.  I had never met either of them, so when I was asked to put figures on the cake to represent them I thought it would be a bit of a challenge!  Fortunately, I was also told that they both dabbled in sports with Sue being part of a Morris Dancing Troupe and Tony being an avid (Liverpool) football fan so this gave me something to include to suggest who the two characters might be.  I was given access to a photograph of the uniform for the Morris Dancing Troupe and, of course, the Liverpool strip was easily found for reference!  The colours of these ‘kits’ rather dictated the colour theme for the cake so it was then just a case of creating the characters.

Over the years I have done a lot of life drawing and sculpting so am fairly familiar with representing the human form in 2 and 3 dimensions – but using sugarpaste reinforced with CMC  as a medium  has its own challenges!  I wanted to try to make the two figures’ positions reflect their different sexes and so tried to do a fairly demure pose for the ‘girl’ and a rather more blasé pose for the ‘boy’.

I am really quite pleased with how it turned out and the lovely lady who ordered it said it brought a little lump to her throat when she first saw it so I think she was fairly pleased!  I hope Tony and Sue liked the little pair of characters too!

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