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Life’s a Beach….

I have just returned from the most relaxing holiday I have ever had…and have found my own little piece of paradise on earth!  The best bit is that it is only 90 minutes drive from my front door which makes it possible to visit for day trips….

I’m already making plans!!

There were miles of sandy beaches to take my early morning walks upon, and rockpools and shallow waters to enjoy peering into and paddling in – not to mention shells and seaglass to collect…who could ask for more!!  There was hardly ever a soul around in the early morning and even by 10 o’clock there was only the odd dog walker ambling across the sands or an intrepid lone fisherman  rowing his little boat into the rippling waves.

Just what my weary soul needed…..

And I have often dreamed of being somewhere where the sky is so big and the sea so wide – where the sun can dip behind the horizon and paint a glorious blaze of colour all around me…

I never thought that I could be treated to night after night of such amazing beauty…

Is it any wonder that I have fallen in love with this place??

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