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Zentangle Sampler

Wooohoooo!!  I have finally made it to the end of Thing-a-Day 2011 without missing a day!

It has been really hard though and I am sure that if I had not chosen to do a zentangle theme for the month that I would have fallen by the wayside.  As I mentioned on Day 1, my family has had a really bad year and my creativity has taken a real knocking but in doing a daily zentangle I have had the opportunity to focus on something that quickly and easily develops into a thing of beauty with little conscious thought and without the fear of ‘getting it wrong’ or staring at a blank page.  And it has helped me by giving me a few minutes each day where I can just get lost in the process of zentangling and enjoying my classical music without giving thought to the things that trouble me on a daily basis.  And yes, I think it has helped me to get a little bit excited about starting something new and more challenging, creatively speaking, over the next few weeks.

So, anyway, today I did my final letters of X,Y and Z.  And then worked on trying to arrange my 36 tiles onto a piece of black mount board – which was not quite as easy as I expected as the board would only accommodate 5 tiles across and 8 tiles down – so I could not carry out my original plan of 6 tiles by 6, or even 4 by 9!

So this is my final arrangement…

… although I think I will create two narrow border pieces to run alongside the bottom 4 rows, perhaps with my name and the date worked into it somehow, and this will create a neater rectangular shape before sticking everything down and framing it.

Putting this together made me think of the samplers that ‘young ladies’ created in centuaries gone by where they displayed their prowess with their repetoire of embroidery stitches creating a needleworked alphabet…and how like embroidery it is, creating patterns one stroke or stitch at a time.

And so I have met the Thing-a-Day challenge, one day at a time, and hope that everyone who participated enjoyed their month of creativity too, and hopefully we will all be doing it again next year!!


The End is Nigh!

Just one more day to go for this year’s Thing-a-Day.  I only have 3 more letters to go to finish my quest to make a zentangle for every letter of the alphabet … so I should be able to do it!

I will try to get them all mounted and photograph it for tomorrow’s grand finale!!!

MMMM…Not Sure If I Can Do It!!

Oh dear…

I did have a plan…

to make a Zentangle for each letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9 during Thing-a-Day this year.

And it all started so well!

But then there were cakes I had to make…

and my beautiful granddaughter to welcome into the world…

So here we are on day 23 and I still have 12 letters of the alphabet to do!!

Will I be able to do it?

I will certainly give it a go!!

Sweet Heart.

Today I have made a start on a Valentine cake for my son and his girlfriend.  She has a bit of a ‘thing’ for butter icing so I think she is going to love this ‘Box of Chocs’ cake.  The box itself is all cake.  It is based on a heart shaped madeira sponge cake with raspberry jam and butter cream filling covered with red sugarpaste/fondant icing and decorated with a string of tiny white sugarpaste blossom flowers and a white sugarpaste lace insert.  There is room ‘inside’ the ‘box’ for 8 chocolate sweets…

…The secret is that the chocolates – which I will make tomorrow – are not your standard, everyday chocolates but are chocolate covered ‘cake balls’….chocolate sponge cake crumbs bound together with buttercream icing and enrobed with milk chocolate.

The inspiration for this cake has come from Bakerella who has a wonderfully inspirational website/blog and has a tutorial for this cake on her site.  If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a visual feast there that will make you drool!!

As a first attempt I am fairly happy with this but I have a few things I would alter if I did another one.  And tomorrow will be another ‘first’ as I attempt to make my chocolate covered cake balls to go into the sweetie cups.

And, hopefully, a tasty photo to head tomorrow’s Thing-a-Day post from me!

More Zentangles…

Back to the zentangle project for today.  I have reached the number 5 and the letter G.  I have to admit that I get quite excited when I see all these tiles I have done laid out together.  I think I will mount all of them at the end of Thing-a-Day – as I will have 36 tiles (if I don’t add in the Chinese rabbit) it will make a nice neat square format 6 tiles across and 6 tiles down.


Now is the Time to Say Goodbye!

Thing-a-Day. Last Day. Day 28

So that is it for another year….personally, my second year of participating in Thing-a-Day. I can proudly say that I have posted the full 28 ‘things’, on time, for both 2009 and 2010. It isn’t easy but it is well worth the effort for the feeling of satisfaction and achievement at the end of the month. February is always a really dull and drab month for those of us who suffer winter weather around this time and having this challenge helps to focus the attention on being upbeat and creative!

Personally, I didn’t manage to do everything I had in my mind to do, but there is no rule that says I can’t go on in the same creative spirit for the next 365 days! …Having said that, don’t go looking at my blog every day expecting there to be something new!! My ancient frame can’t keep up that sort of pace!! However, as usual, there has been a great deal of inspiring creative art of all kinds by all the contributors to Thing-a-Day which will keep me buzzing for a while yet! I would particularly like to thank Isolde for her ‘zentangle‘ on the 26th which introduced me to a new art form that I had never heard of before – and which inspired my final ‘thing’ for Thing-a-Day 2010. It is a great way to loosen up and get into a creative frame of mind and is a totally stress free and relaxing activity as there is no such thing as ‘doing it wrong’! Feeling stressed??? Pop on a bit of relaxing music and get doodling!! I think there are recommended pens for zentangling and, as I only had a fairly thick one to hand, my first attempt above is a bit chunky! but I think I will invest in something a bit more sophisticated and put a bit of time and effort into developing this art!

One thing that springs to mind is combining this with the making of photopolymer plates – which was something I was going to do during this year’s TaD but it never quite got off the ground – perhaps that was a touch of serendipity, for now I have a potential endless source of design ideas to try it out with!! That will definitely be reported on in my blog over the next few weeks!! And who knows – it might even end up as a complete new range of silver jewellery!! What fun!!!

So I shall be sad to see the end of TaD 2010 – but hey!…it is only 365 days to go until Thing-a-Day 2011!! So bye-bye all thing-a-dayers! Keep busy and happy – and see you all again next year!

Final Flourish!

Thing-a-Day. Day 27

Well, I have finished all the bits and pieces for the floral arrangement on the Mother’s Day cake today.

I now have 12 yellow sugarpaste roses with leaves, 50 white sugarpaste filler flowers, and a couple of dozen purple sprays of sugarpaste flowers. I will only be using a few of these for this cake though and I will carefully put the others into storage – keeping them cool and dry – so that I will have some nice flowers on hand should I get an order for a cake with a floral arrangement at short notice, because, as you have seen, making these flowers takes a very long time and cannot be hurried!!

I have no idea what I shall do for tomorrow’s ‘thing’…the last one for 2010!! Where has this month gone to?!! There has been some great stuff on Thing-a-Day this year – and a lot of inspirational ideas – thanks everybody!

See you all tomorrow for the big Good-bye!!

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