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Final Flourish!

Thing-a-Day. Day 27

Well, I have finished all the bits and pieces for the floral arrangement on the Mother’s Day cake today.

I now have 12 yellow sugarpaste roses with leaves, 50 white sugarpaste filler flowers, and a couple of dozen purple sprays of sugarpaste flowers. I will only be using a few of these for this cake though and I will carefully put the others into storage – keeping them cool and dry – so that I will have some nice flowers on hand should I get an order for a cake with a floral arrangement at short notice, because, as you have seen, making these flowers takes a very long time and cannot be hurried!!

I have no idea what I shall do for tomorrow’s ‘thing’…the last one for 2010!! Where has this month gone to?!! There has been some great stuff on Thing-a-Day this year – and a lot of inspirational ideas – thanks everybody!

See you all tomorrow for the big Good-bye!!

Heavenly Roses

Day 25

I’ve had very little time today… very busy baking cakes!! And my grandchildren are just about to arrive for their tea!!

I have managed to get a bit more done for my sugarpaste roses. They now have their calyxes and are ready for wiring into an arrangement. I didn’t quite manage to get the leaves done so I’m hoping that the rather ‘arty’ bit of photography will make up for this omission!! I’ve still got more flowers to make and hopefully will get a bit more done tomorrow… although I have my youngest grandson with me all day so I never quite know how that will pan out!!

A Dozen Yellow Roses

Day 24

Today I made a bunch of yellow roses….4 full bloom, 4 partly open and 4 buds.

They are just so satisfying to make…almost a miraculous transformation from flat flower paste to a glorious rose! Ok – so it wouldn’t fool a rose gardener, but on top of a cake on the head table they can look totally stunning!

They are a bit more labour intensive than the ‘just-a-minute’ filler flowers I made yesterday. The full dozen took me just about 2 hours – and that is without adding the calyxes or binding the wires with florists tape.

1. I build my roses onto wires which are customised with a teardrop shaped lump of dried sugarpaste on one end. This makes the finished roses big and fat!
2. After colouring and rolling out my flower paste to almost tissue thickness I cut out 5 petal flower shapes. This is a quicker way of adding petals than cutting them out and adding them individually.
3. Using a special ball tool I thin out the paste around the edges and develop the cup shaped petals.
4. I apply a little confectioners glue to the ‘bud’ and thread the petals onto the wire and then glue them to the bud, covering it completely and interleaving them to make a swirl, like real rose petals.
5. It is then a case of adding more and more layers of petals until it reaches the desired fullness.
6. It is important to take care where the petals are positioned and to shape them gently into a rose shaped arrangement.

Tomorrow I will make the calyxes and some leaves to give the full rose effect.

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