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OPeration Zentangle

Two more offerings for ‘Operation Zentangle’…

I am determined to get the whole alphabet finished by the end of the month so I shall have to step up production over the weekend!

MMMM…Not Sure If I Can Do It!!

Oh dear…

I did have a plan…

to make a Zentangle for each letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9 during Thing-a-Day this year.

And it all started so well!

But then there were cakes I had to make…

and my beautiful granddaughter to welcome into the world…

So here we are on day 23 and I still have 12 letters of the alphabet to do!!

Will I be able to do it?

I will certainly give it a go!!

Zentangles Calm the Nerves…

I have been cleaning the kitchen since the early hours of the morning and doodling zentangles since lunch as I am awaiting news of whether my fourth grandchild will be a ‘Saturday’s child’ or a ‘child that is born on the Sabbath day’…

Either way she will be very welcome!!

Hopefully, I will be posting great news tomorrow…

It All Turned Out OK…

I thought I was going to miss posting anything today…but as you can see it all turned out OK!

(Well, it is really zero kay if the truth be told…but you’re not going to be picky are you??!!!)

Two More Tangles…

Lots of shopping and cooking today and nothing worthy enough to photograph so it is time to add another couple of zentangles.  At day 15 I have doodled 17 zentangles out of the 36 I planned to do this month so I think I am on track to get them all done.

I have also found a great zentangle website today which gives an index of more than 100 zentangle patterns…no excuse now for using the same patterns over and over again!

I Left It L8 Again!

I left it a little late again today to get my ‘thing’ done so it is zentangles again.  Tomorrow I will try to get something different posted but for tonight I am just happy to have done a letter I and the number 8.  I have tried a new pattern here in the I, something called Betweed, that I saw on the zentangle website and thought looked rather cool.  Have a look there – there are backdated newsletters there that will show you how to do loads of different zentangle designs.


Hurry, Hurry – Nearly Missed It!

Oh – so nearly missed posting today!

Better late than never…

Here is a zentangled H and a zentangled 6 to add to my collection of numbers and letters.

No time and no energy left for a lengthy write up!

See you all tomorrow!

More Zentangles…

Back to the zentangle project for today.  I have reached the number 5 and the letter G.  I have to admit that I get quite excited when I see all these tiles I have done laid out together.  I think I will mount all of them at the end of Thing-a-Day – as I will have 36 tiles (if I don’t add in the Chinese rabbit) it will make a nice neat square format 6 tiles across and 6 tiles down.


Putting in the ‘F’ 4-t!!

OK – so I had planned to do something a bit different today but I never quite got round to it…tomorrow perhaps!!!!

And so I continue with my zentangle quest – to do every letter of the alphabet and the numbers zero to nine as a zentangle design during the month of February.
Today is the turn of F and 4.

Tomorrow – life permitting – I will try to do something different for a day or so!



EEEasy Does It!

I have had a really easy day today…doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  It’s good to have a chance to unwind!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my zentangles today as I have had no pressure and was able to totally relax.

Today I have done an E and a number 3…what will tomorrow bring??
I don’t want to become too predictable now do I??

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