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More Zentangles…

Back to the zentangle project for today.  I have reached the number 5 and the letter G.  I have to admit that I get quite excited when I see all these tiles I have done laid out together.  I think I will mount all of them at the end of Thing-a-Day – as I will have 36 tiles (if I don’t add in the Chinese rabbit) it will make a nice neat square format 6 tiles across and 6 tiles down.


Putting in the ‘F’ 4-t!!

OK – so I had planned to do something a bit different today but I never quite got round to it…tomorrow perhaps!!!!

And so I continue with my zentangle quest – to do every letter of the alphabet and the numbers zero to nine as a zentangle design during the month of February.
Today is the turn of F and 4.

Tomorrow – life permitting – I will try to do something different for a day or so!



EEEasy Does It!

I have had a really easy day today…doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  It’s good to have a chance to unwind!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my zentangles today as I have had no pressure and was able to totally relax.

Today I have done an E and a number 3…what will tomorrow bring??
I don’t want to become too predictable now do I??

2Day – 2 Designs.


Another busy day is nearly done and I have just finished another 2 designs…a number 2 to add to the numbers and a letter D to add to the alphabet in zentangles.

I am just really glad that it is the start of the weekend tomorrow and I can spend a little more time doing what I want to do.  I am quite pleased with how my project is coming along and think that the single tiles look good when grouped together.  I’m looking forward to seeing all 36 letters and number together at the end of the month!


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