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What kind of day have I had?

Yes – that describes it exactly!!

What To Do…..????

Having spent the day and last night helping my daughter with her new baby on her return from hospital I have has no time to sit down and concentrate on my ‘Thing’ for Thing-a-Day.

I needed something I could do really, really quickly…

…what could I do..????????

EEEasy Does It!

I have had a really easy day today…doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  It’s good to have a chance to unwind!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my zentangles today as I have had no pressure and was able to totally relax.

Today I have done an E and a number 3…what will tomorrow bring??
I don’t want to become too predictable now do I??

2Day – 2 Designs.


Another busy day is nearly done and I have just finished another 2 designs…a number 2 to add to the numbers and a letter D to add to the alphabet in zentangles.

I am just really glad that it is the start of the weekend tomorrow and I can spend a little more time doing what I want to do.  I am quite pleased with how my project is coming along and think that the single tiles look good when grouped together.  I’m looking forward to seeing all 36 letters and number together at the end of the month!


Easy as ABC, 123…

This will be my third year of participation in Thing-a Day and I was able to do all 28 days in 2009 and 2010.  You can see my efforts for those two years in the Thing-a-Day Categories on the left of the screen.
This year will be rather harder though.


Last year was a terrible year for my family with the death of my 9 year old grandson in a road traffic accident, followed a few months later by the death of my mother and a diagnosis of cancer in the immediate family.  Needless to say – creative thought and activity has taken a back seat in my life for the last few months, and as a person who is normally very creative this is something I would like to take steps to change.  Thing-a-Day is the perfect opportunity to get started again!


The birth of my fourth grandchild is also imminent and as I am my daughter’s nominated birth partner I may have to vanish for a day or two sometime during February but I will still try to keep up my postings!


To make things easy for me, and also to act as a kind of therapy, I have decided to try to make a complete alphabet inZentangles over the month.  This was a project that I wanted to do after the last Thing-a-Day but never managed to do more than 5 letters.  I also plan to fill up any spare days in February by doing numbers too.


I also have some cakes ordered during the month so I guess they will make an appearance too…and if my creativity begins to really bubble up again I may add other things….so it is just possible that I end up posting more than one ‘thing’ on some days.


Anyway…for today’s offering I have ‘tangled’ the letter A and the number 1.

I haven’t done any Zentangles since I went on holiday last June so I am more than a little rusty and hesitant – and I think that really shows.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy doing them and hopefully this will kick start me into being creative again…

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