For the love of silver…for the love of life!!

Rhubarb, Rhubarb

The final post for Thing-a-Day

Thing-a-Day Forever


Two weeks ago I took a photograph of a rhubarb leaf when it was just beginning to unfurl and in my comment I said that I might have enough rhubarb to make a crumble by the end of Thing-a-Day.

Well, I didn’t quite get that much…in fact, I only managed to get half a teacup of stewed rhubarb out of today’s picking.  So to make it something special I filled two meringue nests with vanilla custard and spooned the cooled rhubarb over for my hubby and I to enjoy this evening

…and, Oh!!, it was just lovely.  Something very special, and the first produce from my garden this year.


So this is day 28 of Thing-a-Day, and I am pleased to say that I completed a post for every day this month.  I was late for one as I fell asleep in the evening before I had written up…

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