For the love of silver…for the love of life!!

Who Am I?

I am the mother of 4 wonderful people and a grandmother of 5 although, sadly, my eldest grandson died after a road traffic accident in 2010.  I have been married to my wonderful husband – and my best friend – since 1981.

I have always been creative – for as long back as I can remember – but having been told that I was not good enough at art back in the early seventies I ended up going down a more scientific route through my school years….which was just as well as it happens because it was in my first job as a Laboratory Assistant that I met the man I have shared my life with.

Let me tell you – having 4 children is hard work!!  At least a decade of my life has been wiped from my memory and replaced with a blur of baby wipes, potty training and Parents’ Evenings.  However, when my youngest went to school there was a gap that needed filling, and that was when I started my career as a ‘Mature Student’ and finally had a chance to fulfil my urge to be creative artistically.

My children have always come first so the first courses I took were part time so I could fit them in around them. Although I had no qualifications in art subjects the local college accepted me on 2 A level courses….Fine Art, and Fashion and Textiles.  I LOVED it!!  Well, I was hooked, and went on to do A level Ceramics, and CENTRA I and II courses in Silversmithing, Life Drawing and Interior Design.  I also did 2 levels of NCFE Cake Decorating.  I then progressed to a National Diploma in Fashion and Clothing and finally an HND in 3D Design from which I graduated with Distinction in 2007.  I would love to carry on to a Degree when time and finances permit but that is for the future.

I have always loved silver (sterling) but was never able to wear it for long because it tarnished so quickly.  When I discovered the existence of fine (pure) silver and found out that I could wear it for months on end without it tarnishing I was amazed and decided that designing and making pure silver jewellery for other people to enjoy was the way I wanted to go.

In December 2008 I had my own personal hallmark registered at the Edinburgh Assay Office.

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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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